WARM Committee Corner

WARM currently has the following committees:


Membership/PR (Chair: Janelle Weishaar)

Every month, we have new members to welcome! We love sending out your membership packets and updating member profiles.  Our committee is also interested in attracting new members and growing WARM. We are looking to sponsor tables at local baby fairs and events in your community so please let us know what you have coming up! 


Events (Chair: Carol Gautschi)

The Events committee puts on educational offerings that support midwives. We put on an annual conference. In 2018 we offered a Breech Conference, while in 2019 we offered a Diagnostic Tests conference. Each year we survey our members for their educational desires. We also offer quarterly Brown Bag Lunch events at various locations throughout the state. These are free and members can attend in person or via live stream. These are 1-hour informational gatherings on various topics. CEUs are not provided for these, they are just informational learning and sharing opportunities.


Midwifery Advocacy (Chair: Crystal Ogle)

Formerly our Legislative committee, this committee represents WARM at the state level to preserve all types of midwifery in Washington. Committee members attend quarterly MAC meetings, so WARM members stay in the know at a state level and member concerns or opinions can be made. Currently, we are working on making licensure for PEP process candidates an easier transition and investigating the need for a midwifery board or commission. Another goal this year is to help members navigate the Department of Health with issues and concerns. Our hope is to support midwifery and preserve the classical midwifery model. 


Research (Chair: Shannon Mitchell)

Our Research committee is currently working on our next set of guidelines. We recently put out our updated VBAC guidelines for Washington Midwives. Have you seen it yet? It’s on our “For Providers” page! In 2019, WARM hired Illumina Consulting, a private data firm to provide us with a Data Analysis for the Board and our members regarding complaints against midwives compared to other providers in an effort to determine how this affects midwifery practice in Washington. This report is available on our Providers Resource page

Review Committee (Chair: Marie Wakefield)

Our newest creation, this committee will be handling Peer Review and Incident Review. The committee has been working hard to revamp and formalize our process and policies. This committee is responsible for ensuring we are adhereing to our state requirements and meeting the needs of our members. This is the only committee which requires an applicaiton process to become a member. Reach out to Marie at warmpeerreview@gmail.com for more information on becoming involvled. 




Our committees are striving to be active and to bring you what you need to serve as midwives and a community! For more information on joining a committee, contact warmmidwife@gmail.com!