WARM Committee Corner!

WARM currently has the following committees:

Membership (Chair: Eudine Stevens)

             Every month, we have new members come on board! We love sending out your membership packets so please let us know if you haven’t received yours yet! Also, WARM would love to sponsor tables at local baby fairs and events in your community so please let us know what you have coming up! 

             This month, we also released a free download for members, a new Pediatric Summary Form!

Events (Chair: Crystal Ogle)

              The Events committee is currently working on our next big thing! In the meantime, they are offering quarterly Peer Reviews. Check out our Events page for more info on these!

Legislative (Chair: Roxanne Spring)

             Our Legislative committee has had an active voice within the MAC meetings during the 2018 year. Recently, we took part in activity to help students and CPMS who used the PEP process to more easily complete the epidemiology requirement for licensure!

Research (Chair: Shannon Mitchell)

            Our Research committee is currently working on our next set of guidelines due out in January! We recently put out our updated VBAC guidelines for Washington Midwives. Have you seen it yet? It’s on our “For Providers” page!

         This month, we also had a meeting with Illumina and they provided us with a Data Analysis for the Board and our members regarding complaints against midwives compared to other providers in an effort to determine how this affects midwifery practice in Washington.

Review Committee (Chair: Marie Wakefield)

            Our newest creation, this committee will be handling Peer Review and Incident Review.




Our committees are striving to be active and to bring you what you need to serve as midwives and a community! For more information on joining a committee, contact warmmidwife@gmail.com!