Most Current Conferences

Part One: A New Understanding of MTHFR in Pregnancy

(2 hrs)

$30 *with 2 CEUs (ACNM)

$15 without CEUs 

Part Two: Navigating the Complaint & Disciplinary Process for Midwives (2 hrs)

$30 *with 2 CEUs (ACNM)

$15 without CEUs 
*post-test must be taken and passed with 80%

Once payment has been made, please email WARM at:

for access to the recordings. WARM will verify payment and send you access and information. BE SURE to include the name or email payment will be found under in your email to WARM.

Past Conferences

WARM 2018 Breech Conference with Rixa Freeze, PhD was a BIG success! Thank you Rixa Freeze, Carol Gautschi, Suzanne Thomson and Eudine Stevens.

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Important Links:
Washington midwifery laws: RCW 18.50, and WAC 246-834