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Peer Review Forms

Peer Review Facilitator Form 

Complete and return to WARM’s Peer Review Committee. 

NOTE: WARM must approve each peer review prior to it occuring. WARM needs 1 week to process an approval from the time the form is recieved. Email is immediate, standard mail will take longer to recieve. Please plan accordingly. Questions? Email

Peer Review Policy and Procedures

Provide to all participants


Incident Review Request Form

Members to complete and submit to review committee when they experienced a sentinal event. 

Outside Concern Form

Members of the public to complete when a WARM Member has experienced a sentinal event and would like to report the event to WARM. 


Peer Review Committee Member Application – We are always looking for more committee members! Email for an application!


Practice Documents / Helpful Links

Through The Eyes of A Midwife: The Complaint and Diciplinary Process. A presentation created by WARM for decision-makers and leaders at the Department of Health’s Midwifery Program, Nursing Association and their legal teams as well as the Health Care Authority. 

Considerations for Care, Consultation and Referral

Birth Certificate Registration (WHALES) Information

Newborn Screening Links


Health Care Provider Manual

ID Number Directory

Hearing Screening Locations in Washington State

Newborn Screening Website

Supply Ordering Information 



Lab Follow Up Protocols

Disorders Detected 

Refusing the test

Collection card instructions




For Download and Purchase

Free Download!  Pediatric Summary Form for Providers, Parents and Pediatricians!

WARM Charts

Purchase a full set of our paper charts in pdf form with the ability to reprint as needed. Please email inquire and recieve the chart set. Cost is $45 to be made via PayPal once request is made. Thanks!


Set of charts includes:

Initial Consultation Form

Client Intake

Prenatal Flow & Alternative Prenatal Flow

Prenatal Notes

Labor Flow Sheets 1 & 2

Immediate Postpartum 

Newborn Exam Form

Labor Summary Form

Postpartum Flow Sheet

WARM Brochures FREE

Help spread the word about WARM and midwifery to the public. These are FREE!  Just email with your name, the number you are requesting and a mailing address!

WARM Legislative Postcards FREE


Send a postcard to your lawmakers each time a baby is born under midwifery care in their district. Keep midwifery and the awesome work midwives do for our communities at the forefront of their minds. These are FREE! Just email with your name, the number you are requesting and a mailing address!