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COVID-19 Provider Resources

Washington State Department of Health Provider Resource Page

Other provider links include:

CDC Info For Providers

CDC Obstetric Info For Providers

CDC if a Provider has been exposed

ACOG Clinical Practice Advisory for COVID-19

ACOG Algorithm for assessing and managing suspected or confirmed cases of pregnant individuals

Barbara Harper and Waterbirth International’s Recording and Paper on Keeping Waterbierth Safe During COVID-19

NACPM’s Coronavirus: Mdiwives on the Front Line Webinar

– Aviva Romm discusses COVID statistics and info as well as natural immune support

– Midwives from around the country discuss practice changes for home birth and birth center care

Testing info: 

Viral nasal swabs are being used. They require refrigeration for storage and transport (cold packs) as other viral swabs do. Quest’s information sheet on testing and samples can be used as an example for collection, storage and transport details. ICD-10 code information can be found here

Sample Collection Video


Labs testing for COVID-19 and their information ^. Note this may not be a complete list, but is a start 


Trouble getting the viral swabs for COVID-19?  First, try ordering supplies from the state lab using this form ^


Obtaining PPE

Harbor Freight PPE Request form 



Unable to source things such as personal protection (gloves, masks, gowns, etc.) or even COVID related testing supplies? AND you’ve exhausted all other (local) resources? Use this form to make a request from Washington State DOH. They will prioritize requests, and you must have exhausted all other resources first. Island County providers were asked to cc the request to our local contact to make them aware we are making this request and as part of the “exhausting all resources” part of the application. Be sure to check with your local health departments for their wishes. 

 DIY instructions to make Face Shields

Telemedicine Option (free) 



Peer Review Forms

Facilitator Form – Complete and return to WARM’s Peer Review Committee


Peer Review Policies and Procedures – Provide to all participants


Peer Review Committee Member Application – We are always looking for more committee members! 

Practice Documents / Helpful Links

Birth Certificate Registration (WHALES) Information

Newborn Screening Links


Health Care Provider Manual

ID Number Directory

Hearing Screening Locations in Washington State

Newborn Screening Website

Supply Ordering Information 



Lab Follow Up Protocols

Disorders Detected 

Refusing the test

Collection card instructions




For Download and Purchase

Free Download!  Pediatric Summary Form for Providers, Parents and Pediatricians!

WARM Charts

Purchase a full set of our paper charts in pdf form with the ability to reprint as needed. Set of charts includes:

Initial Consultation Form

Client Intake

Prenatal Flow & Alternative Prenatal Flow

Prenatal Notes

Labor Flow Sheets 1 & 2

Immediate Postpartum 

Newborn Exam Form

Labor Summary Form

Postpartum Flow Sheet

WARM Charts Download
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WARM Brochures
WARM Postcards

Send a postcard to your lawmakers each time a baby is born under midwifery care in their district. Keep midwifery and the awesome work midwives do for our communities at the forefront of their minds. Price includes shipping, in comments of the purchase, please include the shipping address. 

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