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Anyone who wants to help protect the natural rights of birthing families to enjoy the maximum possible safe options for where, and with whom, they give birth. Who might that be? Everyone, since birth is the one single experience that all people have in common, which serves as a pivotal event setting the tone for the life of each baby, and the well-being of each family. Parents who want more and safer options, midwives who want to protect and advance their profession, other health care providers who truly want to see the health of the next generation improved, students who desire greater levels of education and training opportunities, child advocates who want to see families have a greater opportunity to bond…in short – everyone who cares about the future. There is a membership option suitable for you, either as a professional, associate, supporter, donor, or sponsor for one of our educational events.



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               2020 – 2021   MEMBERSHIP

WARM 2021 Board Members/Officers

Chair: Crystal Ogle LM, CPM

President: Carol Gautschi LM, CPM

Treasurer: Janelle Weishaar LM, CPM

Secretary: Sarah Simmons LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Katlyn Carter LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Marie Wakefield ND, LM

Midwife At Large: Elaine Arnold LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Leslie Gesner LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Shannon Mitchell LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Brandy Stuart LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Skaidre Brown LM, CPM

Midwife At Large: Eudine Stevens LM, CPM

2020 Professional Members

In alphabetical order: 

Elaine Arnold LM, CPM (Board Member)
Enumclaw, WA

Michele Augur  LM, CPM, MSM
Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care
Tacoma, WA

Dawn Brown LM *VBAC provider*
Spokane Midwives
Spokane, WA
(509) 326-4366

Skaidre Brown LM, CPM (Board Member)
Skaidre Brown, Licensed Midwife
Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 421-5140

Lorri Carr LM, CPM, LDM *VBAC and Breech Provider*
Highland Midwife Birth Services
Goldendale, WA
(509) 250-2072

Katlyn Carter LM, CPM *VBAC Provider* (Board Member)
K4 Birth Services
Poulsbo, WA
(208) 431-3610

Rachel Cook LM, CPM *VBAC Provider*
New Day Midwifery
Olympia, WA <(360) 701-1418

Dana Combest LM
Gifford, WA

Joella Folk DC, LM  *VBAC Provider*
Innate Start Midwifery
Port Orchard, WA

Carol Gautschi LM, CPM, Founder* (Board President)
Gentle Birth
Sequim, WA

Leslie Gesner LM, CPM, Founding Member* (Board Member)
Community Care Midwifery
Everson, WA

Briana Huisman LM, CPM *VBAC Provider*
River City Midwifery
Spokane Valley, WA
(509) 850-0527

Mallorie Kirsch LM, CPM
Sequim, WA

Charlotte LacSeul LM 
The Special Delivery Co.
Arlington, WA

Shannon Mitchell LM, CPM(Board Member)
Carnation, WA

Linda Morgan LM
Moses Lake, WA

Elizabeth Morrill LM, CPM
Birth By Design
Spokane, WA

Crystal Ogle LM, CPM  (Board Chair)
Assist In A Miracle
Whidbey Island, WA
(425) 971-3731

Ann Olsen LM, CPM
South King and Pierce Counties
(360) 825-5720

Tamra Roloff LM, CPM
Wholistic Woman
Spokane, WA
(360) 783-2558

Sarah Simmons LM, CPM *VBAC Provider* (Board Secretary)
Methow Valley Midwifery
Winthrop, WA
(253) 318-9484

Eudine Stevens LM, CPM, LDM  *VBAC Provider*(Board Member)
Gentle Touch Midwifery Birth Services
Walla Walla, WA

Victoria Sticklemyer LM, CPM *Breech Provider*
Spokane Midwives
Spokane, WA
(509) 326-4366

Hayley Swedelious LM, CPM *VBAC, Twin and Breech Provider*
Fireside Midwifery
Yakima, WA 
(360) 223-2323

Elizabeth Trautman ND, LM *Well Woman Care Provider*
Columbia Basin Natural Family Medicine
(509) 764-4600

Emily Joy Tyde LM, CPM
Sage Midwives
Everett, WA
(360) 447-8214

Marie Wakefield ND, LM (Board Member)

Natural Beginnings Midwifery Care
Puyallup, WA
(253) 200-1499

Janelle Weishaar LM, CPM *VBAC, Twin and Breech Provider (Board Treasurer)
Little Blessings Birth Services
Yakima, WA

Terri Young LM
Spokane River Midwives
(208) 964-5868

2020 Associate Members

In alphabetical order: 

Kathleen Banchand, Doula

Jenine Innes, RN

Brandy Joy Stuart, CPM (Board Member)

Caroline Morris


WARM 2020 Supporting Members

In alphabetical order: 

Cassandra Aho, CPM

Dev/Melissa Honey, Student

Ericka Porter CD, SM

Hailey Probert SM

Latonia Westerfield, SM 


WARM Honorary Lifetime Members*

In alphabetical order: 

Carol Gautschi (Founder)

Leslie Gesner (Founding Member)

Laura Pierce (Founding Member)

Jan Tritten (Founding Supporter, Midwifery Today)




All members are eligible for member benefits, such as discounts, member-only access to web based education, resources, legal activism and professional members have voting privileges.