Your 2018 Board formed with the purpose of creating a surge in the growth, organization, and strength of WARM. We are inviting members to attend our board meetings from 7:30pm-8:00pm on the first Thursday of every month. We will begin promptly at 7:30pm with a reading of the previous meetings minutes and offering time for comments, concerns, feedback, and input from members. We welcome your input and feeback! To join: . You can also dial in using your phone:

United States: +1 (872) 240-3212     Access Code: 720-309-693


Crystal Ogle LM, CPM

My name is Crystal Ogle and I am excited to be your Chair of the Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery. I have been a WARM professional member since 2014 and have a unique home birth practice on Whidbey Island. I also work as a house mentor and instructor at the Midwives College of Utah. I’m a social justice and health disparity activist, and support the Rainier Valley Community Clinic, where I sit on it’s Board, the South Seattle Women’s Health Foundation, as the President.
I share my life with my husband, three kids, one who is about to graduate from college, and two dogs. We love to hike and explore our region, including it’s many beaches. My family loves to travel, especially taking road trips, we love board games and we value family tradition, hosting festive family gatherings frequently.


Carol Gautschi LM, CPM

Bio coming soon!


Shannon Mitchell LM, CPM

Hi I’m Shannon Mitchell. I’m married to a husband who has learned patience and four wonderful children who have taught us both many lessons, including how to be grandparents to two adorable granddaughters.
I attended my first birth for a friend in 1992 and began supporting women professionally in 1999. I served on ICAN’s board of directors, helping to create and establish Cesarean Awareness Month in April and have served as WARMs secretary for three years now. One of the most important directions for the future that I am excited to help with is uniting midwives with their common concerns and helping them to achieve community and professionalism while respecting the unique differences of one another’s practice.


Eudine Stevens LM, CPM

My name is Eudine Stevens, I am looking forward to continuing as the treasurer for WARM this next year. I served as Treasurer 2016-2017, prior to that I was a WARM board member from 2013-2016, serving both as a student member followed by LM. I have a small home practice based out of Goldendale WA. I serve both the Columbia Gorge and the Yakima Valley.
I am a mother of 4 children, one currently lives at home. My husband and I like working on our house, fixing it up. I enjoying vegetable gardening, sewing (especially quilts), Toastmasters, traveling with my family, and teaching. I enjoy teaching the integration of advanced massage therapy skills into midwiferyand seeing immediate results.

Board Member

Joella Pettigrew DC, LM

My name is Joella Pettigrew, DC, LM and I am excited to serve on the Board for the Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery. I am a chiropractor and home birth midwife in Kitsap County. My practice specializes in all issues related to the female pelvis, optimal fetal positioning, newborn complications and postpartum rehab. I have the opportunity to serve clients of most birth providers in my county as well as supporting our local midwives when my particular skill set is needed.
I live with my husband and two sons along with the many animals on our small homestead. When I am not providing care in my office I am usually homeschooling, hiking, reading or traveling.

Board Member

Marie Wakefield ND, LM

Midwifery has truley been a calling in my life. I feel blessed to love what I do for “work”, although it is really about serving women during a very special time in their lives. My practice began in 2007, after I had taken some time off after graduation to have my children (both were born at home in my bath tub). I attended Bastyr Univeristy and graduated with degrees in Naturopathic Medicine and Midwifery. Since I had two young kids at home, I chose to focus on midwifery. I have wonderful family support and a husband that can be flexible with the carzy on-call lifestyle I lead. I offer both home and birth center births. For healthy pregnant women, home and birth center birth is as safe, if not safer, than hospital birth. Out of hospital birth is designed to support birth the way it should be – in a comfortable, caring gentle and safe environment. As a midwife, my goal is to guide women through preganncy and birth, helping each one to find their own way through this incredible journey. I honor each woman’s inner wisdome and natural instincts. I prefer to use as little interventions as possible and have complete faith in the body’s ability to birth naturally. Birth is an empowering experience that teaches you just how strong you really are. You deserve to have choices and options in how you birth.